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We had been referred to Pat through a mutual friend; this referral was a huge blessing!

Looking back it was the pivotal moment of our home shopping experience. Being first time homebuyers everything seemed to be a foreign language… thanks to Pat and his ability to translate all legal and real-estate verbiage to layman’s terms, he quickly put us at ease. His proactive approach to helping us find our dream home really showed through from the start, with this said there was never a moment that we felt any type of pressure to make a decision right there and then. This little “no pressure” philosophy that Pat has worked into his selling process speaks wonders, as going in we had heard plenty of horror stories to the complete opposite… Pat’s outgoing, free spirited, friendly approach to selling made this biggest purchase of our lives experience seem small in comparing to reality. We have and will continue to refer Pat to friends; family and just about anyone we know buying or selling a home.

Maurizio and Lina Mazzola - Toronto, Ontario

Everyone knows that being a first time homebuyer can not only be exciting, but also a bit scary and confusing.

Pat was very friendly, patient and knowledgeable, and quickly put us at ease. It wasn't long before we set our eyes on the place we would soon call home, but unfortunately, the transaction did not go exactly as planned. Pat had to work extra hard and went not only one, but a few extra miles to ensure that we had gotten that house. We were very impressed with his level of dedication and professionalism and would not think twice about calling him again...if he hadn't already matched us with the perfect house!

Olivia & Kevin Da Costa - Bolton, Ontario

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